Abidemi Olowonira — Echoes in Fragment
21 Feb, 2016. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin

03.04.16 ­— 05.09.16

I am interested in objects as transformative sources for the exploration of ideas. My goal is to reveal the transcultural dynamics embedded in stories. I consider my work a continuation of the conversation, initiated in 1919 by Russian constructivists’ artists, about the role of the arts in social change. Yet like the surrealists, I want to stretch that dialogue beyond the confines of the concrete.

My work involves searching, finding, cutting, dying, sewing, welding, gluing, and mounting of leather, and some stainless steel.  I create sculptures that either have direct or parodic connotations of particular contexts. The goal is to create some measure of coherence out of these fragmented objects.

My current body of work is influenced by current affairs, music, and architecture.

—Abidemi Olowonira