Apr 13
Kate Budd: Use Unknown, Possibly Ritual
13 Apr, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Publicly on Display 06.05.15 - 07.27.15 I seek forms that are archetypal and self-contained in the way of a stone or a piece of fruit. Desire, disease, fecundity and constraint are recurring themes; I worry at them like a dog with a bone. By wrapping, polishing and embellishing, I make physical metaphors for these ideas and give in gracefully to the human desire for artifice and decoration. In the beginning, I sketch, exploring variations of ideas until something resonates at the gut level and I am compelled to make it real. Creating a positive by removing material is both magical…
Apr 10
Texas Abstract
10 Apr, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Modern | Contemporary 10.02 - 11.30 The appearance of abstraction in Texas in the mid- twentieth century and its continued relevance in present day contemporary art is the expansive topic of TEXAS ABSTRACT: Modern Contemporary. This show celebrates five artists included in this beautiful book co-authored by Michael Paglia and Jim Edwards which explores the unexpected role Texas has played in the history of abstraction, and continues to play in the contemporary art world today. Tom Orr, McKay Otto, Margo Sawyer, Liz Ward, and Sydney Yeager are five contemporary artists featured in this book who are producing some of the…
Jan 28
Beverly Penn : Fractured Landscapes
28 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
 02.13 - 05.01 The place of my work is the Garden, a space in which nature and human design negotiate a mutual existence along an indistinct boundary.  As a cultivated border between civilization and wilderness, the Garden is a surreal expression of nature tamed, a transformative buffer zone with potential for mystery, exaggeration, and fantasy.  The Garden is a hybrid construction of nature, science and architecture - it is a place that allows for the exchange of one reality for another.  Within the Garden, comparisons between urban development and panoramic vision; suburban sprawl and paradise lost; and genetic engineering…
Nov 5
Rodolfo Choperena : The Fine Line
5 Nov, 2014. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
10.31.14—01.2015 Remembering a specific moment in time with all the precise details is difficult. But we can always remember a sense of that time, the essence of a special moment – the feeling that the memory itself matters. The physical event will change, particular memories will fail, but the significance of a moment persists. Choperena elevates the moment.  In his own words, he captures ephemeral events by initiating a “lateral pass” with an open shutter. The blurred effect mimics the ordinary mechanical apprehension of indiscriminate physical vision. His camera lens translates light into digital signals, capturing the tiniest clues…
Aug 18
Sydney Yeager : Persistent Memory
18 Aug, 2014. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
August 29 – October 26 “This exhibition spans the years 2009 to the present, and represents my evolving  interest in  fragmentation and the dissolution of the whole into singular, independent parts.   The idea arose as I visited ancient ruins in Italy,Turkey, Mexico and the Southwestern U.S.  As well as these ancient sites, I find the demolition sites that I pass en route to my studio to be fascinating. Some of the paintings are loosely based on photographs of these sites.  In my mind, there is a connection between these construction sites and the ancient ruins I love to visit.  Both…
Jul 17
Cross Currents : Curated by Charon Kransen
17 Jul, 2014. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
July 30th – August 31st Innovative International Jewelry It is surprising to realize the incredible variety of objects that can fit under the term “contemporary jewelry”. This movement has developed in different countries around the world manifesting itself in diverse practices. The word jewelry itself is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicized from the old french “jouel”, and beyond that the Latin word “jocale”, meaning “plaything”. For many centuries, metal combined with gemstones has been the norm for jewelry. Today there are an incredible variety of objects that suit the term “contemporary jewelry”. We use the word contemporary…
May 7
Annette Lawrence: Midway and Counting
7 May, 2014. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Jun 6 – Jul 25, 2014 Artist Statement Midway and Counting is an exhibit of a new body of work that engages time and accumulation through twenty-five years of Lawrence’s journals. The graphite drawings included in the exhibition are circular grids based on charts made while digitizing hand written journals. There is a clear sense of the amount of writing over the years, not so much of what is written. Fueled by personal ambivalence about how much to reveal, and how much to withhold, the drawings give a dynamic macro view of the activity of journaling over time while…
Mar 25
Margo Sawyer: Synchronicity of Color
25 Mar, 2014. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Artist Statement Throughout my career, I have devoted much time to the observations of the major historic and contemporary sites of sacred architecture. I am particularly interested in how the relationship between space and transcendence functions, where architecture and ritual converge in creating unique spaces for contemplation.  It is this form of artistic inquiry that has led me to continue a twenty year quest to discover and experience architecture and ritual in all parts of the world, in an effort to come closer to an understanding of the inter-relationship of the metaphysical sensibilities of space, material, and time. I am investigating the equivocal nature…
Feb 20
Reginald Rowe: Selected Works from the 1960′s and 1980′s
20 Feb, 2014. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Feb 7 – Mar 26, 2014 The Gallery at Vaudeville is excited and honored to celebrate the work of Reginald Rowe (1920-2007), one of San Antonio’s leading artists for more than four decades. Born in Brooklyn, Rowe was an artist with a remarkable drive to create. His early work was informed and developed by his experience of living in such diverse places as the Hudson Valley, Cuba, and Mexico. Throughout his career Rowe was a prolific painter who created a body of work that described a creative journey of depth and continuity. In 1964 he moved to San Antonio and…
Oct 15
McKay Otto : Never Past Now Ever
15 Oct, 2013. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Nov 7 – Dec 20, 2013 In consideration of the dimensional relationships that exist between drawing, painting, and sculpture, this work is concerned with freeing two-dimensionality in painting. The specially formulated transparent nylon “canvas” provides the opportunity to work within and transform the traditional support of painting. As the rigidity of the planar support becomes dissolved, the circumstance arises to create works that are inwardly divisible and outwardly expanding. The implementation of the grid serves as a drawn formal structure that both stabilizes the surface of the art object while simultaneously creating passages for the viewer to literally see beyond.…