Feb 21
Abidemi Olowonira — Echoes in Fragment
21 Feb, 2016. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
03.04.16 ­— 05.09.16 I am interested in objects as transformative sources for the exploration of ideas. My goal is to reveal the transcultural dynamics embedded in stories. I consider my work a continuation of the conversation, initiated in 1919 by Russian constructivists’ artists, about the role of the arts in social change. Yet like the surrealists, I want to stretch that dialogue beyond the confines of the concrete. My work involves searching, finding, cutting, dying, sewing, welding, gluing, and mounting of leather, and some stainless steel.  I create sculptures that either have direct or parodic connotations of particular contexts.…
Dec 8
Leigh Anne Lester: Unnatural Selection
8 Dec, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Publicly on Display 12.04.14 — 02.15.15 My work addresses the place between the genesis of genetic modification and its possible aftereffects. Genetic modification offers humans the resources and means to change the composition of species from the microscopic level to the macroscopic system; to change the composition of a species by deleting or adding an attribute to suit our own desires. But, what is disposable? Too often we don’t have a clear view of what the ramifications will be for a plant that has been altered or the species that depend upon it for survival. The new outcome of this…
Aug 15
Spatial Negotiations: Selected works of Jan Tips and Reginald Rowe
15 Aug, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Publicly on display 08.07.15 – 09.25.15 Jan Tips and Reginald Rowe spent years together, as a couple and as artists, negotiating the subtleties of space. Most people who live together successfully do this to some degree either consciously or intuitively. Artists (especially those who work in the same field and medium) tend to be even more acutely aware of the distinct yet permeable boundaries of personal space. This refined sense of space is  both physical and metaphysical, encompassing the mundane practicalities of working around and with each other, and navigating the more subtle aspects of honest criticism, and intellectual engagement.…
Apr 13
Kate Budd: Use Unknown, Possibly Ritual
13 Apr, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Publicly on Display 06.05.15 - 07.27.15 I seek forms that are archetypal and self-contained in the way of a stone or a piece of fruit. Desire, disease, fecundity and constraint are recurring themes; I worry at them like a dog with a bone. By wrapping, polishing and embellishing, I make physical metaphors for these ideas and give in gracefully to the human desire for artifice and decoration. In the beginning, I sketch, exploring variations of ideas until something resonates at the gut level and I am compelled to make it real. Creating a positive by removing material is both magical…
Apr 10
Texas Abstract
10 Apr, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
Modern | Contemporary 10.02 - 11.30 The appearance of abstraction in Texas in the mid- twentieth century and its continued relevance in present day contemporary art is the expansive topic of TEXAS ABSTRACT: Modern Contemporary. This show celebrates five artists included in this beautiful book co-authored by Michael Paglia and Jim Edwards which explores the unexpected role Texas has played in the history of abstraction, and continues to play in the contemporary art world today. Tom Orr, McKay Otto, Margo Sawyer, Liz Ward, and Sydney Yeager are five contemporary artists featured in this book who are producing some of the…
Jan 28
Beverly Penn : Fractured Landscapes
28 Jan, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin
 02.13 - 05.01 The place of my work is the Garden, a space in which nature and human design negotiate a mutual existence along an indistinct boundary.  As a cultivated border between civilization and wilderness, the Garden is a surreal expression of nature tamed, a transformative buffer zone with potential for mystery, exaggeration, and fantasy.  The Garden is a hybrid construction of nature, science and architecture - it is a place that allows for the exchange of one reality for another.  Within the Garden, comparisons between urban development and panoramic vision; suburban sprawl and paradise lost; and genetic engineering…
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