Joaquin Restrepo – Vitriol

Joaquín Restrepo is a visual artist and sculptor whose work is influenced by the study of the human figure, industrial techniques, metallurgical-sculptural processes of the last century, drawing and virtuality. His signature bronze and iron sculptures convey a deep understanding of human anatomy and expand on technical studies inherited from the workshops of the great masters of the Spanish and Golden Age.

Restrepo sold his first piece at auction at Christie’s in New York in conjunction with Fundación Corazón Verde, at age 19 and has subsequently been a part of over 30 solo and group exhibitions in the United States and internationally. His work addresses central themes that include the juxtaposition of chronological time with the infinite present, transformation through struggle and the body as architecture.

Insatiably curious about technology as a function of art, he created the virtual world of Amor Fati as a design on the Unreal platform during quarantine. Amor Fati debuted September 2020 at the Colombian embassy in Switzerland.

Artist's Work