Spatial Negotiations: Selected works of Jan Tips and Reginald Rowe
15 Aug, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin

Publicly on display 08.07.15 – 09.25.15

Jan Tips and Reginald Rowe spent years together, as a couple and as artists, negotiating the subtleties of space. Most people who live together successfully do this to some degree either consciously or intuitively. Artists (especially those who work in the same field and medium) tend to be even more acutely aware of the distinct yet permeable boundaries of personal space. This refined sense of space is  both physical and metaphysical, encompassing the mundane practicalities of working around and with each other, and navigating the more subtle aspects of honest criticism, and intellectual engagement.

The works included in this show – Reggie’s late Abstract Expressionist works from the mid- 1960s and Jan’s ongoing series of house plans and plat lines reveal some of the ways this fundamental spatial awareness found its way into their paintings. Jan’s paintings are formalized abstractions of real spaces the artist has known, filtered through her spatial memory and her refined sense of composition. Reggie’s work tends towards the more internal, psychological aspects of space.

This exhibition links the metaphorical, internal sense of space –emotions, observations, memories and relations to the physical reality of the painted objects that both artists worked at rigorously and methodically. Reggie and Jan have dedicated their discipline as painters to externalizing their interior sense of space and time, of myth, mood and intellect. SPACIAL NEGOTIATIONS speaks to the ways that time and space interact, in a delicate balance between physical and metaphysical deliberations.