Texas Abstract
10 Apr, 2015. 0 Comments. past exhibition. Posted By: Gilon Gutkin

Modern | Contemporary

wall_vinyl10.02 – 11.30

The appearance of abstraction in Texas in the mid- twentieth century and its continued relevance in present day contemporary art is the expansive topic of TEXAS ABSTRACT: Modern Contemporary. This show celebrates five artists included in this beautiful book co-authored by Michael Paglia and Jim Edwards which explores the unexpected role Texas has played in the history of abstraction, and continues to play in the contemporary art world today.

Tom Orr, McKay Otto, Margo Sawyer, Liz Ward, and Sydney Yeager are five contemporary artists featured in this book who are producing some of the most significant work in the various mediums of sculpture, painting, and installations. Their work expands beyond the current dialog of abstraction in Texas; it informs and enriches the context of international contemporary art as well.